Monday, March 2, 2009

Uniform Civil Code

Dedicated to Abhishek Singh : Friend and Co-receiver of all the tortures that the government puts us through using the IITs as a weapon...

In one of my discussions with a friend of mine today I came up with a thought for implementing uniform civil code in India. All arguments are based on preserving the cultural unity in diversity of India. But the punch point is what you mean by cultural unity when you try to preserve each religion and the morals of each section of society when you actually need to take the good points of each moral structure and create a synergy between them to come out with something good. Cultural unity doesn’t mean preserving each and every section of society and having different rules for all of them. It is actually allowing a mix of culture.

Hindus make it imperative to have intra caste marriages, Muslims prevent their "women" from marrying outside of Islam. Christians strive on conversions.... is this the proper mix of cultures we are speaking about??? Not at all man...

Secondly, it doesn’t need to be proven that straight, adult males are the stronger part of society. You may quote female empowerment and all that crap, but we know what ground realities are... Okay now some women are really proactive and powerful, but what about the vast majority who are tied up in the ropes of arranged marriages, dowry deaths, polygamy, gay husbands and the worst of all, husbands who cannot pleasure their wives and who won’t even try??? What about gays and lesbians, who are forced into hiding by religious leaders, by claiming that they are sexually weird and unnatural to say the least.

In your house... who eats first? Your mom or your dad? If both of them eat together, you are one lucky dude... but what about the rest? Who does the dishes? Who wait for you when you do not turn up early for dinner and then eats after you eat? Who has given up their career for you and your siblings??? If the answers for all the above questions are both your mom and dad... you are lucky that your family has such values but the rest whose answers are mom... don’t you think it is something unfair against them that's happening?

So hence I feel the protection of women, gays, lesbians and children is more important and higher than anything else. Hence preservation of humanity is more important than preservation of religions.

Uniform civil code gives you that... So implement it...

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