Saturday, May 9, 2009


Dedicated to MG/BG a mentor and a great friend whom ill miss a lot
thanks for all that you have given me Rishabh

After a long time i finally had the inspiration to write again... It was a long major in which everybody got screwed. As in my case most of my life got screwed. I lost a lot but lets not go into that right now...

Actually i was discussing religion with a friend, and mentor, when he told me that religion when started was a political tool. He said that people in this world need to protect and preserve themselves... they need to take care of their resources and develop. A good way to do this was to prepare a set of rules, with the above thought in mind, and then put in the name of god to scare the shit out of everyone and then impose these rules for everyone's welfare. First point- people rose to power within the realms of religion and started misusing this power given to them, eg. his "holiness" the pope who does not respect the personal right of premarital sex and homosexuality, and also the right to contraceptives and freaks out at the mention of the da vinci code. Second point- these guys didnt anticipate that there would be some wise guys and gals who would rise above all this shit and actually realise whats going on...

Then the point came to mathematics... whatever we think and do in this world is logical. ok! now logic is very ambiguous and its a truology that the basic axioms of logic are based on observations and have the potential of being proven wrong. but even then as of now before people actually discover what is outside the matrix or simulacrum, everything is logican. so it is logical enough that our behavious can be modelled acurately by mathematical equations which will predict our behaviour and in some way predict the future based on the choices we make. so thence we try to improve these methods and find a solution to our problems by using these equations. we can thus define what actions will lead to common good and actually implement these actions. and that would be the ultimate religion.

i hate the thought of my freedom and diabolism to be actually limited by mathematical equations but then this are the thoughts i had when i spoke to him. i dont beleive him wholly and i urge you guys not to believe me too. think and do what you want to do. follow your instincts as that is the essence of life.


  1. Ill never be able to follow u cauz i didnt understand nythng written here except that u and this frnd of urs are Mathematical GEEKS...

    Hows Lyf going Monster???

  2. nice idea....i quite agree with the ideology....
    for people who want more of this maths +religion and how there is a pattern in everythin stuff go watch this awsome movie ...
    it has all the answers this blog might raise in ur mind....goa tu bhi dekh le :)