Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ive got my reasons

A song i have written ---

Ive got my reasons to live and to die
Ive got my reasons to smile and to cry
Who do you think I am?
Am i an idiot who doesnt give a damn

Why do you think i am talking to you?
Don't you know that i love you too?
You broke my heart and hurt my soul
Pierced my integrity and shattered my trust

I hate you now and know you hate me too
Is this why i once made love to you
Go to hell and never be back as
While Im here Satan's not bad at all
To hell i condemn you all your life
even if you dont die, Cant i make it true for you?

But the thing I can't comprehend is
by troubling you, who am i hurting?
Is it in me that my heart lay or
is it you who keeps me alive

Such a tragedy is my life, that i
hate the person i love the most
Why o why does it have to be like this
Am i such a bad chap o' God
Am i such a bad bloke?