Thursday, June 3, 2010

thoughts in surat

Sometimes in life without warning your heart turns into a huge abyss of feelings.. everything you put into it just goes deeper inside to such an extent that you dont have any feelings left. I was just facebooking a bit when i got a post from my cousins whom i havent met for the past three years.. I felt a sudden longing for the past, summers when all of us used to be together and have fun... they all used to make fun of me and i used to end up spending my whole vacation, a crybaby.. but those same little things which i used to loathe at that time, i now miss a lot. growth does a lot of things to you.. you find direction, but you forget how to explore. you get maturity but you forget how you used to be care free and happy. you get money but no time. you get foresight so you stop living for the present.

I am at a place right now from where i can see what my future holds for me "most probably" but then in the same movie where i can see money and prosperity i am devoid of happiness... as i said the little things in life. I donot have time to spend with my family and my girlfriend. I donot have time to party with my friends and most of all i see a huge responsibility which is going to act like a leash and stop me from being what i actually know i want to be.

The world is definitely a challenging place to live in. As i read in a sidney sheldon book you have three options you fight, follow or hit the fence. fighters get exhausted, followers are losers and well nobody wants to hit the fence. there is no escape from this prison and you have to live in it till you finish your time and die peacefully or do good time till you get your parole, nirvana.

Sadness coupled with loneliness is a bad place to be in and no matter how much water you pour into the desert it will always remain dry. I need peace...


  1. Very True. The end is conspicuously Good...

  2. "growth does a lot of things to you.. you find direction, but you forget how to explore. you get maturity but you forget how you used to be care free and happy. you get money but no time."

    Great words my friend ... truly
    You often get this feeling of being lost.. being alone in the whole world, along with a mixed feeling of nostalgia. What matters is not to feel sad for those things that you can't do. Do those things that you love to. And yes nobody can stop you from being what you wanna be.
    World is a big place, from my experience and my exploration of others experience, I have felt that you can never come up with one thing that you can do continuously, without having a feeling of doing something else instead... other than love.

    Now my notion of love is not someone's girlfriend :)Love can be to your family, your friends, your girl/boy(article 377 :P).....anything. When you are surrounded with the endless problems of this world, the only saviour is love.However rich you get,successful you become.. one moment in your life will make you realize that Love is the "thing" you should be searching for.Everything else falls into place, your studies, your work,money , your being away from home, memory of friends, nostalgia .... :)
    Some great philosophers aim life towards happiness... I aim it at Love.

    Life is not a prison my friend, it's a beautiful but confusing chance given by God ( or the great power) to find love/happiness. I know you've got a beautiful life and so many people to love. So don't loose hope. Think of people much much underprivileged than you.

    So don't sit and don't recall things that'll make you sad. Reach out, "PLAY GUITAR MY BOY!!!", explore the world, not only places but people, feel the beauty of life in mornings and evenings, learn things, feel the immense database of knowledge that you can explore throughout your life,play a song for your friends struggling in their interns :D There's so many beautiful things to do in life. See the life from the eyes of those who might have wasted it either not thinking about it's beauty at all ,or those who have always thought it as a prison and lived accordingly.Then you'll feel how lucky you are to realize the truth before it's too late.

    And if you are still not motivated... try calling me..I'm having the same feelings :D

    ( This comment is totally what I feel, no offence to your feelings :) )

  3. yaar abhi.... dint get to know who you were
    Abhishek Kr Singh
    Abhishek Kumar(1/2)
    Abhishek Upadhyay
    Abhishek Shetty????
    Btw sahi bola... love is constant continuous and everlasting...

  4. Everything which you wrote is very true for most of us. Even I underwent the same emotions at a certain point of life. I would like to tell you only this that "This too shall pass away." But then, dont let your soul die in this process. Always remember that whatever is happening to u is because of the choices you made once. This is the time to make the choice again for your future. Whatever you are into right now, needs hard work, determination and passion. Dont let the emotions deludeu rockstar. Always go for the higher good. And yes, your family, gf, frends...everyone wud be there in the end with u if they r meant to be. Be yourself, follow your heart, never repent and be proud of urself dat u r penning down whatever u r feeling and r connected with ur soul. Satan bless u man! :P