Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last year whenever i used to sit down and try to compare my intelligence with all the other bigheaded creatures that throng the IITD campus i used to feel that, what the hell? I am the most intelligent creature in the campus... everybody else has come through a coaching class and stuff but I did it on my own so in short I am a stud. Whenever a dude used to give answers in class I used to think that I could beat him any day.... but the situation in my head now has changed a lot.

It took me about a year and a half or probably more than that to realise that I am nothing but just above average. Other people prosper because they try and not because I allow them to. I was completely wrong and a fool to believe that I was more intelligent than them.

Maybe if everything that I said just now did not make any sense, here comes the punch point.
It’s all up there in the head. Equality or disparity for that matter is never absolute. It all starts in the weenie little thing called our brain. It is just the way you look at it. Your mindset defines everything.

When a four pointer and a tenner is compared in IIT, you can never say that the four pointer is bad and/or the tenner is good. It can also be the case that the four pointer has a much higher IQ than the tenner. It is all about the "difference." difference about the topic over which you are comparing them, the difference in the things that matter and the difference in your viewpoint.
Tables turn when the person "in the wrong" is your best friend.

Speaking in a larger sense I would like to term equality as the basic feeling that comes in your mind when you think about yourself- relative to another person. When nations, in their constitutions, say that they are equal, it doesn’t mean that they are geographically, biologically and economically alike. It actually means that they consider themselves equal to each other. Equally powerful and equally in a position to claim whatever the nation has to give.

When you ask me the difference between equality of opportunity and opportunity to equality, I’d say that, equality of opportunity is not equality in the sense of the term the way I see it. You are just giving a dude the fish, but opportunity to equality is like actually teaching him how to fish... and that’s a much more meaningful thing to do.

When you allow a man to actually feel and believe that he is equal to another fellow national, he actually becomes equal to the other person. He is able to stand up to the other and put it in himself that he is equal to the other, and that i feel actually means equality.


  1. Been there....done (doing?) that... :P

  2. great work man......... i never knew u cld be so intellectual......
    keep on the gud work.....makes an interesting read!!!

  3. nyc..v almost think of all the question is where to start..