Friday, February 6, 2009


who is god?? does anybody know wether he exists or not?? does anyone know wether it is a he or a she? well even if nobody will ever know any facts people beleive like fools and do crazy things for him. i know all the beleivers in the house will stare at me as if im nuts or something... but you can go back to your business as i am not pointing a finger at you guys.... considering god as a center of your faith where you concentrate all your energies is fine... accepted... i have a problem with that too... but anyways lets leave that for now...

if i sit back and think.... the babri marjid demolition was done in the name of "god", what followed also came in the name of god... what the hell is the difference between the hindu god(s) and the muslim god and the christian god, for that matter anyways that their respective followers were prompted to kill each other. no offence to you "o almighty." its their fucking fault that so many kids died before they were born and so many died fighting for you. but if you are as powerful as people claim you are why didnt you stop all the killikgs???

if god had actually kept up to his name and protected the poor and people without options, i would have happily believed in (H)him...

but since that didnt happen.. isnt it true that we are meant to work things out on our own. isnt it true that we are meant to trust ourselves and work on our own for our good. theres no use crying out loud and praying for help when you are fixed up in a bad situation. i say trust yourself more that anyone else and do something concrete instead of asking for supernatural help. i beleive its best to not depend on god.... do whatever you have to do... and dont be a crybaby... if there actually is a god and if he is so caring about his so called children he will help you.... but as of now i dont think any of the holy war victims and kids of people killed by terrorists will testify to this...

anyway... isnt it best to be practical rather than accepting something put into your ears.

i may be wrong and this might be a huge "sin" that i am committing, speaking against the "almighty," but i dare to speak differently.

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