Friday, February 6, 2009

my boring life

I am sitting, relaxed after a long long time. it seems that the professors in IIT are so fucked up themselves that they want to equate their lives with us and screw us. a month ago, i was totally busy with many projects. one of them being my robotics club. a couple of weeks ago i realised i am going no where with my club activities. ok... i am learning a lot and bullshit but what about other things. i don't get to spend time doing things i value and yearn to do. i hadnt touched my guitar for a whole month or so. so fucking bad. my drumming skills had taken a part of the toll too. that i felt was a huge turning point in my life. i came out of the club that very moment. i enrolled for my hostel's performance at the western night and started putting all my efforts on music. that was when i achieved salvation.
a week later, today, i was planning to sit down with a cup of tea and relax and look over the past.but voila.... my laptop got screw up. I am still trying to repair it as im writing my blog. i care for my cute laptop. wont let it go without a fight.

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