Sunday, February 8, 2009

god- a deity or an excuse

last night i lay awake at night after writing my last blog and i suddenly realised the magnitude of what i had written (an overstatement). whatever cases i tried to present yesternight point to the same thing. how the hell has modi succeeded in killing so many innocent muslims, and is still scot free? how the hell did osama get the balls to finger the mighty usa. forget about these bastards in power, think about all the innocent guys they fooled so that they could accomplish all their sadistic thrills. killing was a passion and god was an excuse which they used. god was turned into a leech hungry for the blood of the other religion. if i am a muslim i will kill a hindu for my god... if i am a hindu i will kill a christian for my own god. what the fuck do you thing god is. okay... we dont know that god exists or something but atleast if the bugger exists he(or she) is not at all interested in your deadly game of passing the "parcel of death."

i beleive that the basic concept of god was brought into being to scare people. some dudes in the society wanted to scare others into not doing some stuff so they tagged those things as being against a code written by a supernatural being called god. who knows the source of the bible? maybe the dude whom you consider as satan was a loner and wanted to be hated by all the earthly buggers so he created a bible which considers him to be wrong. maybe theres no god at all. maybe this is just a matrix conrolled by some very nerdy aliens who seem to be experimenting on us. with all due respect to the information given about casting and metallurgy, who knows if the other facts given in the vedas pertain to facts?

if god actually is a deity, then hail thee almighty... please rid us of this stigma which brands you and in my eyes makes you worse than satan as depicted in the bible. if you are just an excuse for killing and scaring people i hate you. if you are listening to me, enlighten me.

i touched upon only a few topics and im already bored of this stupid topic. i just hope i can speak of something else tomorrow.

adios amigos
think and dont let ignorance flourish


  1. i think the concept of "god" was created as a response to an internal longing within us(humans in general) that seek to be connected to something greater than ourselves... culminating in various forms or avatars so to speak... shaped by various socio-cultural factors and vastly over simplified (to my taste) as "god" ..
    all religions basically speak of pretty much the same thing barring cosmetic differences..
    the problem IMHO is in the manner in which it is that context who knows what infinite wisdom the ancient texts really meant to convey ...
    even in modern literature like the alchemist and zen Buddhism influenced sagas like star wars, the matrix etc.. have kind of similar underlying meanings.. .. well kinda.. in the sense of connecting to a higher power sense..

  2. Oddly, the exact history of the word God is unknown. The word God is a relatively new European invention, which was never used in any of the ancient Judaeo-Christian scripture manuscripts that were written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Latin.

    According to the best efforts of linguists and researchers, the root of the present word God is the Sanskrit word hu which means to call upon, invoke, implore.
    not the best reference but.. its a start.
    more contemplations on the meaning of meaning... some other time.

  3. .. its not for nothing that in past, teachings were passed on by word of mouth.. if it was written down it would become static and after a certain time it can no longer sustain its intended original meaning because of the way in which it is interpreted as a result of the inherent ambiguity of natural language.. and be twisted and warped into shit till it is rediscovered. or till a so called Renaissance..
    I guess preserving them as stories involving various concepts helps them last longer... hence myths and mythology.. but they eventually get twisted into shit till they are realized or rediscovered.. hence the need for Renaissances.. .
    embedding them into our general culture as traditions helps too.. but over time if the reasons for such are not pursued it will lead to stagnation..
    hence the need for continuous refinement..

    ok i shall stop rambling now.